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Growth strategy

As far as digital marketing goes, we’ll map out the steps that can help you achieve your goals depending on whether you’re adding a new product line or trying to improve your customer acquisition process, we’re here to help your business build a sustainable growth strategy through digital marketing and drive measurable results.

Brand strategy

When it come to brand strategy, it should be all about your business’ purpose. Everything your company promotes should be aligned with your message and values while being consistent and inspiring your audience. Bizbird ensures that your brand grabs your customers’ attention and remains cohesive at all times.

Content strategy

This part might be the most important of it all. Content is undeniably the fuel of any digital marketing strategy and therefore the cornerstone of lead generation. Bizbird creates and brainstorms captivating content using data and plans an editorial calendar to automate publishing workflow.   

Data strategy

Bizbird always uses relevant data to develop an efficient digital marketing strategy that makes sense for your business. From web analytics to KPIs to ROI to engagement rate, we track the effectiveness of your campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t and provide you with tangible metrics to always optimize what can be improved and achieve your business goals.

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The amount of people who look up on Google the location of your business.


This is how many people won’t make a purchase on your website if it isn’t secured.

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The percentage of marketers who invests in SEO as part of their marketing strategy .


Organic traffic is about 5.66 times better than paid Ads.

Source: Hubspot