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20 Marketing KPIs your company should be measuring.


Running a marketing campaign without key performance indicators is like driving a car without knowing what the traffic signs mean. An accident is within arm’s reach! In terms of automation, certain indicators are essential.Discover the 20 Marketing KPIs your company should be measuring to fully understand what your automation strategy is telling you.

In this ebook:

In general, numbers are the first thing to look at when analyzing a marketing campaign and some are more important than others. To save you the guesswork, we will go over the most important KPIs to keep track of.

You’ll learn about:

    • Your data, the first decision lever
    • Marketing automation KPIs
    • Key customer acquisition indicators
    • Key engagement indicators
    • Key conversion indicators
    • Key retention indicators

KPIs are crucial to run successful marketing campaigns and learn about your data. This ebook will teach everything you need to know about the main indicators that every marketer should track. 


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At Bizbird, we take your privacy very seriously. We’re asking for your basic contact details in order to send out the ebook via email and provide you with a more personalized experience when navigating our website. 

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Is this ebook really free?

100% free! We hope you’ll find valuable information in this ebook and use our tips and techniques to improve your business’ marketing strategy. If you’d like to go over more details or have specific questions, feel free to reach out to us. 🙂

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